The « Campus de la Mer et de l’Environnement Littoral » GIS expects to continue research within large region of Northern France as part of the « PRES Lille Nord de France » that corresponds to the double and indivisible coastal and marine problematic, that is to say:

  • Take part in the reinforcement of the biodiversity’s understanding, the marine and coastal ecosystems and the high sea,
  • Contribute to the valuation of the research with socio-economic’s environment, especially with the competitiveness cluster Aquimer,
  • Create new basic and continuing educations for example in relation to halieutic resources, aquaculture, renewable energies, tourism, transports or ports,
  • Promote the apparition of new governance incorporating the new challenges which are the loss of the biodiversity, the impact of the climate change, the transformation of human activities, the qualitative demand or the food safety.

These lines will be developed based on an interdisciplinary approach that particularly approach that particularly incorporate biology, chemistry, physics, law, physical geography, human geography, history, management, economics and sociology in an European and international perspective, focused on the English Channel – North Sea territory.

Campus de la Mer
Centre Universitaire Capécure
Bassin napoléon - Quai Masset - B.P. 120
62327 Boulogne-sur-Mer cedex - France