Ecosystems and biodiversity

Campus de la MerThis field aims to reinforce the scientific knowledge and expertise about the current questions and issues of marine and coastal environment, especially about:

  • The anthropogenic impact on the water quality (eutrophication, phytoplankton bloom, potentially dangerous species…),
  • The understanding and how does the first trophic level work. It will enable to preserve the levels higher and the halieutic resources,
  • The English Channel and North Sea area’s identity which has specific geographical characteristics that have to be the subject of an interdisciplinary approach adapted to the challenges,
  • The ecosystems, the biodiversity and the high sea’s protection,
  • The climate changes and their impact simultaneously on environments and human activities,
  • The dynamic of coastal environments and the management of the coastline,
  • The risks of pollution and natural risks, both terrestrial and marine origin (environmental, assessment, maintenance and restoration of ecosystems, …),
  • The protection and the valuation of ecosystems.

The valuation of the knowledge on the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and their improvement will be very important. The involvement of various laboratories of the « PRES » and partners in the creation of the « Parc Marin des trois estuaires » represents an example of this field’s expertise.

In this context, the GIS will be linked to the OSU (« Observatoire des Sciences de l’Univers ») with the development of a marine and coastal area.

The various thematic covered in these GIS activities will result in work carried out in an interdisciplinary approach, the Strait space and the English Channel and North Sea, necessarily international and European, several themes are proved to be transversal.

Each partner owns a part of the knowledge that is showed here in a not limited list and the GIS constitution will bring coordination in their implementation.

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