The valuation is at the heart of the GIS « Campus de la Mer »: research valuations and operational applications (link between laboratories and the economic world) about halieutic, energy, risks management themes.

  • Operational applications in fields like the halieutic and aquatic, food-processing industry, environment-friendly products, protection of biodiversity and ecosystems, risks and renewable marine energies management.
  • Involvement in the innovation platform « Nouvelles Vagues » about the food-processing, the aquaculture and renewable marine energies with the « Aquimer » pole and compagnies which are involved in this project.
  • Launching of a learning-center in fields of sea, coastal environment, littoral and coastline and the valuation of aquatic products with operational actors such as the ANSES, IFREMER, NAUSICAA, the AQUIMER pole and the innovation platform « Nouvelles Vagues » and the learning center « sustainable cities ».
Campus de la Mer
Centre Universitaire Capécure
Bassin napoléon - Quai Masset - B.P. 120
62327 Boulogne-sur-Mer cedex - France