Campus de la Mer

An international center of excellence on the marine and coastal environment of the English Channel and North Sea area

Campus de la Mer


This structuring project is made up of a Scientific Interest Group gathering together laboratories, training centres and territory development structures of the "PRES Université Lille Nord de France" whose research are related to the sea and the coastal environment in the English Channel and North Sea area.

This partnership brings together various structures which are concerned about the English Channel and North Sea's coastal and maritime area.

  • Education and Research Institutions
  • Promotion's actors
  • Socio-economics' actors
  • Local authorities
  • State and local authorities' public institutions
Campus de la Mer
Centre Universitaire Capécure
Bassin napoléon - Quai Masset - B.P. 120
62327 Boulogne-sur-Mer cedex - France